Blocks - Hidromek

Hidromek was founded in 1978 in Ankara, Turkey. In 1979 the company approached the development of the range of attachments for backhoe loaders on the market.

In 1986 the first large factory was built in Ankara, where in 1989 the first Hidromek backhoe loader was built, the HMK 80 model. In 1990 the HMK 100 model was introduced and 1 year later, in 1991 Hidromek launched the FIRST EXCAVATOR MODEL WITH EQUAL WHEELS AND 3 WORLD TURNING MODES, variant S of the HMK100 model. In 1996, the second Hidromek factory was built and put into use, also in Ankara, Hidromek being forced to increase its production capacities due to the growing demand. In 2001, the third Hidromek factory was built, this time in Izmir. After Hidromek turned to the Turkish government’s support program in 2006, TURQUALITY opened its fourth plant in Ankara in 2008.