Blocks - Indeco

In 1976, Indeco was founded in Italy, where he aimed for the position of national leader. Indeco has also developed stable partnerships throughout almost all of Europe.

1980 – After long processes of product experimentation, Indeco completed and launched on the international market, the entire HB series of hydraulic hammers.

1986 – Dedicated to the latest technologies, Indeco launched the world’s first “smart” hydraulic hammer, which had the ability to adjust the frequency and energy of the blows according to the hardness of the broken material.

1990 – Indeco North America is established and covers the entire United States, Canada and Central America with a network of over 50 authorized dealers.

1992 – When hydraulic hammers were almost unheard of in Brazil, Indeco made its mark on the market and became one of the largest players in the field of demolition technology.

1993 – Indeco Australia is born, which in a few years becomes the national leader, with a market share of 30%.

1996 – Indeco celebrates 20 years of existence at the Samoter International Exhibition for construction equipment and wins the Samoter International Award for outstanding ability to conquer foreign markets and for technological innovation.

2003 – increases the product portfolio by introducing fixed and rotary sprayers.

2004 – The new HP (High Performance) series of hydraulic hammers is launched in 2004, available in 20 models and 50 combinations.