Blocks - Komatsu

Komatsu was founded on May 13, 1921 in Japan. It is one of the world leaders in the production of construction and mining equipment. He is a global player due to the production, sales and service centers located on all continents.

In Europe, Komatsu is present through Komatsu Europe, a company that was founded in Belgium in 1967.

In Romania, Komatsu has been present since 1999 through its exclusive distributor, Marcom RMC’94.

Here are some details about the Komatsu history:

1931 – The first tracked tractor with applicability in agriculture is produced

1938 – Introduces the first real bulldozer, the D50 model

1948 – Production of diesel engines begins

1952 – Produce the first graders

1953 – Produces the first models of career dump trucks and the first models of forklifts

1956 – Production of front loaders begins

1961 – Signs a cooperation agreement with Cummins for the joint development of diesel engines

1968 – Production of crawler excavators begins

1981 – Komatsu receives the Japan Quality Control Award for the evolution of the quality of its products

1992 – Launches the first models of wheeled excavators in Europe

1995 – Produce the largest rigid dump truck in the world, the 930E model

1999 – Produces the world’s largest front loader, the WA1200

2001 – The Oyama plant is the first plant in Japan to produce zero emissions

2007 – Completes the construction of 3 more factories: Ibaraki (Japan), Kanazawa (Japan) and Chennai (India)

2008 – Introduces in series production the first model of hybrid tracked excavator

2008 – Starts the operation of the AUTONOMOUS system in the hands of RIO TINTO from Australia

2012 – The number of hybrid excavators working in Japan reaches 1000 units

2014 – The HB215LC-2 model is introduced, the third generation of hybrid excavators