Mantsinen is a Finnish company founded by the Mantsinen brothers, Veli and Juhani in 1963. The beginning of the business meant the orientation towards the forestry field, the main application being the transport of wood to the processing stations.

In 1985 Mantsinen began to modify the existing manipulators in the market, especially for the forestry field. In 1989 the company started to provide logistics services in Russia. In 1990 they started the production of attachments dedicated to the handling of various materials. In 1998 he delivered the first cargo handler in a port in Estonia. 10 years later, in 2008, Hybrid manipulators are introduced into the manufacturing range, reducing fuel consumption by approximately 35%. In 2013, the company celebrates its 50th anniversary, currently having a solid presence in Europe and Russia. On this occasion, it also launches the largest wheeled goods handler in the world, the 120M Hybrilift model.