Rough-Terrain Crane RT550E


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The crane can move with the load on the hook.

The outrigger cylinders are inverted, to protect the rods against blows or the action of dust, impurities, abrasive materials on site.Thus, the related maintenance costs were eliminated throughout the life of the crane.

Independent hydraulic brake on each wheel, with disc.

Compared to the classic system, the pneumatic actuation installation was eliminated and consequently, the afferent maintenance, as well as the temperature variation in the system.

Telescopic arm with ovoid section that allows an easy and smooth transfer of effort between the sections of the arm, as well as its normal curvature under the action of the load.

Telescoping system with fixing in two bolts that acts on the side faces of the arm, ie on the neutral area in terms of effort and tension that occur when the arm bends under load.

Operating the steering ONLY on the rear axle, when moving on site with the load on the hook.

GROVE offers this feature in standard equipment, which ensures safe load travel on the hook due to load stabilization.

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